News!!       -July 22,2008   (Tues.)

still no news =(

My Cute Demon Dog!

This is my Dog named Jumanji he's my first dog and He's awesome alot of times he can b annoyin but i still luv him he's crazy about food we can never eat unless we give him som food he's only 1 years old when his b-day came we had a party 4 him but his guest were my stuff animals=)))


Yes that is me i kno it's maybe not the best picture but i relly don't care this website was made 4 boys and girls i want everyone that comes here 2 leve me lots of comments and hav FUNN!!!

By the my name is Jocelyn Padilla


My Wonderful Mom!

This is my mom she's so awesome she works at the House Of Blues and i luv where she works it's so fun and all of her friends r awesome she takes me everywhere and i hav fun where she takes me and she got me tickets 2 the Jonas Brothers i think that's so cool=))

Meeting David Beckham!!

This is a pic of David Beckham it was so cool meeting a proffesional soccer player but the only thing that was not fun was my mom screaming all day  that's e only thing and i also got an autograph and we got 2 see him play he wasn't that good at playin all he did was walk on the field thinkin he so awesome and he was so close! it was cool=)